Beaudin Groupe Conseil, About Yves Patrice Beaudin and Sébastien Simard


Beaudin Groupe Conseil guides individuals and corporations that want to tackle their debt with a rigorous process that will allow them to achieve the best financial outcome.

We offer small businesses advisory and insolvency services with the aim of preserving, when possible, the economic potential and jobs of the enterprise.

We are, for creditors, an objective partner that will ensure the proper treatment of their claims as well as the respect of their rights with regards to the situation of debtors.

We offer our expertise and knowledge through training and education services within our community.

We are here to help you tackle your debt!


We maximize our clients’ and our team’s potential though education and support.

We work in open collaboration with those involved in a file.

We see beyond financial difficulties.

We are professional and rigorous and uphold the spirit and the letter of the law.


Yves Patrice Beaudin, CIRP, LIT


Yves Patrice has been a licensed insolvency trustee since 2014 and has worked in the insolvency field since 2006. With the power of the Act, a disciplined attitude, creativity, and empathy, Yves Patrice helps all stakeholders face insolvency and its personal impact.

His experience allows him to accompany individuals and entrepreneurs having financial difficulties while taking into consideration their personal reality and their particular needs.

He holds a BA from Laval University with studies in Law, Economics and International Relations. He has also completed the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professional’s course curriculum, including the CIRP Qualification Programme.

Sébastien Simard, M.Sc, MBA

Senior advisor – Strategic audits

Sebastien has been a leader in enterprise diagnostic and economic value measurement, in Québec and abroad, for the past 15 years.

Since 2008 he has been active in the audit field, particularly in the public sector, and tasked with developing management strategies and methods to combat fraud.

Specialized in finance and risk management, he has developed innovative solutions to address complex issues. Sebastien holds a Master’s in Financial Risk Management and an MBA in International Management from Laval University. He has also undertaken doctoral level studies in Strategic Leadership and relational know-how.