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Give yourself the best Christmas gift of all: financial peace of mind.

Nervous about the holiday season and all the spending involved? Perhaps you're especially worried about your children’s reaction when they see Santa’s somewhat less generous this year. But beyond the fear of disappointing or feeling like you're not keeping up with expectations, have you ever considered that maintaining a stable, healthy quality of life could be the best gift to offer your loved ones?

No one is immune to financial concerns; life happens and unexpected events can surprise you at any time. And while some people experience occasional and unpredictable turmoil, others deal with recurring moments of financial stress: gearing up for school, tax season, birthdays and even the Holidays. Add the pressure of exchanging gifts and financial stress goes through the roof.

Tell yourself that despite difficult situations, no one should be afraid of ending up on the street. Having a roof over your head, hearty meals and proper clothing are basic necessities for a standard quality of life.

You may believe that survival means extreme sacrifice. But please know that there are solutions, and living without constant fear is possible!

Consult a licensed insolvency trustee
Choosing to consult a licensed insolvency trustee, means getting sound advice on the best way to deal with debt, that often seems insurmountable. Thanks to a meticulous, detailed analysis of your situation, relevant solutions can be put forth. The trustee adopts an empathetic, objective approach that makes you feel supported and properly guided.

The law protects you
The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act allows you to start on the right foot. In fact, many of your assets are protected by the laws in effect, maximizing the chances of maintaining your quality of life. For example, the law protects :
- Your personal belongings (furniture, household appliances, objects, clothing, etc.);
- Your vehicles (which must be of reasonable value in addition to being necessary for family life);
- Your work equipment, more precisely what you need to earn a living;
- Certain types of investments, with applicable conditions, subject to analysis by the licensed insolvency trustee.

You should also be aware that, in the case of bankruptcy or when filing a consumer proposal, payments are determined according to your income and family situation. The objective is to always respect your dignity and maintain your quality of life.

Before charging your Christmas gift list to a credit card, come meet us! We’ll help you get out of debt and you’ll see that renewing a positive relationship with your finances is truly one of the greatest gifts of all.


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