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When is it time to consult a licensed insolvency trustee?

You just hate the end of the month? You’re continually juggling your budget? Your debts are piling up and you see no way out? It’s time to see a licensed insolvency trustee. We are there to help you get rid of your debts and better manage your budget.

Signs you should consult a licensed insolvency trustee:

    You only make the minimum payment on your credit card or lines of credit. Worse yet, you can’t figure out how to pay more.
    You’re thinking about cancelling your insurance policies (auto, homeowners, life, disability)
    You gave up buying things that seem “normal.”
    You think about selling things you need in order to get some money.
    You consider taking financial risks that are out of character (gambling, high-risk investments)
    You want to take money out of your retirement plan to pay down your debts.
    You’ve asked a friend or family member for money so that you can pay your debts.
    You’ve requested a salary advance from your employer to make it to the end of the month.
    Your bank has refused to give you a debt consolidation loan or to refinance your mortgage.
    You get calls from creditors asking for their money.

Consult a licensed insolvency trustee at Beaudin Groupe Conseil

Of course, there are other signs that you should see a licensed insolvency trustee. If, however, you recognize your own situation in the examples above, be sure to contact a member of the Beaudin Group Conseil team. Working with you, together we will find a solution adapted to your needs to get out of debt and enjoy a satisfying financial situation.

We are there to support you and to help you make better financial decisions. As we all know, managing a budget isn’t always easy. An outside perspective can be beneficial for reviewing expenses, deciding what is essential, and making choices. It’s all part of a healthy process.


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