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Free yourself from the pressure of debt

Free yourself from the pressure of debt

Having financial difficulties can be a heavy burden on your shoulders that affects both your personal life and how you perform at work. No matter why you are in financial difficulty, we will help you see what is going on, understand your options and guide you through the process while taking into consideration your rights and those of your creditors.

If you choose to let us guide you in your consumer proposal or bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act will automatically protect you as soon as your file is registered! From that moment on:

  • The Licenced Insolvency Trustee will help you understand the process, your rights and your obligations.
  • Creditors must stop contacting you.
  • You stop paying most of your creditors.
  • We contact your creditors to advise them of your chosen solution.
  • You will be provided budget counselling sessions to set you on the right path.
Rediscover the freedom of not being in debt


Consumer Proposal

Tackle your debt, without going bankrupt!
You keep your assets
  • Your debts are settled through an arrangement with your creditors.
  • You will have an interest-free monthly payment for a maximum of five years.
  • When your proposal is fully performed, your debts are discharged.


Thinking about bankruptcy is harder than filing for bankruptcy!
  • You will have a monthly payment.
  • Discharge of your debt is often automatic.
  • We will determine if you have seizable assets and what steps need to be taken if that is the case.
  • We will prepare a special income tax return with regards to the bankruptcy.

Other Solutions

Maybe the best way is another way!

After analysing your situation, we may determine that a formal solution is not required to tackle your debt. In that case, we will look into other options and guide you to the best solution or to another professional resource.

Voluntary deposit

Voluntary deposit is a court-managed process that allows basic protection from creditors while debts are being paid. A monthly payment would be calculated by the court using the formula for wage garnishments.


If your financial situation and credit score are not compromised, it may be possible to negotiate a new loan arrangement with a financial institution with better repayment conditions than the ones you currently have.

Direct negotiation with creditors

Sometimes, negotiating directly with a creditor may be an appropriate solution that would be to the advantage of both parties.

Myth busting

Tackle the rumor mill as you tackle your debt!

(Half funny and 100% serious)

Here a few facts about the Act, bankruptcy and consumer proposals…
  • Your bank does not hate you!
  • Filing a bankruptcy is not a crime!
  • Most income tax debt is normal debt and can be discharged by a bankruptcy or consumer proposal
  • Newspaper notices have become a rare exception… and we don’t post notices in social media
  • You can travel, within Canada and abroad, for fun and for work
  • If you are an immigrant, you will not be deported!
  • You can rebuild your credit