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Stand up soldier! You can fight the enemy of debt

Seeking help with financial difficulties through bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is not a dishonourable act; in fact, it demonstrates a responsible approach to addressing financial challenges. As a non-commissioned officer or member in the Canadian Armed Forces, it's crucial to recognize that financial issues can affect anyone, regardless of their rank or profession.

Here's why it's not dishonourable:

Firstly, acknowledging financial problems and seeking a solution is a responsible and courageous step. It reflects your commitment to fulfilling financial obligations and avoiding a messy default, which can have more severe consequences.

Secondly, both bankruptcy and consumer proposals are legal processes provided by the Canadian government. They are designed to offer individuals a fresh start when overwhelmed by debt, ensuring a fair and structured resolution that benefits both you and your creditors.

Additionally, the Canadian Armed Forces recognize the importance of financial well-being among its members. Seeking help aligns with the military's commitment to ensuring personnel can maintain focus and effectiveness in their roles.

Lastly, by addressing your financial issues appropriately, you contribute to establishing, maintaining or regaining your security clearance and overall career prospects within the Armed Forces.

In conclusion, filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is a responsible choice to regain financial stability, protect your future, and maintain your honourable service in the Canadian Armed Forces. It's an act of courage and responsibility, not an act of dishonour.


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